Giant Yard Games

Giant Yard Games can be booked for Parties, Schools or Events.

With a vast selection of activities, there's enough to keep the kids entertained for hours. 

Our games are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, taking minutes to set up. Most games are for two or more players, aged 3 years or above. 

Classic games of skill that are fun to play with family and friends in the backyard, local park, community and sports events, corporate events or at weddings.

Games include Cornhole, Giant Jenga, Giant Connect 4, Naughts & Crosses, Tug of War, Sack Races, Spikeball, Shuffleboard, Giant Bucket Pong, Mini Foosball, amongst many more.


Choose any SIX of the games listed below.


We bring a selection of the games listed below to your school. They're bound to be great fun for all the children.


Our pricing is based on the number of activities booked and duration of the event. Please contact us for a quote. I'm sure we can make up a tailored packaged for you.


Cornhole Game can be played between individuals or teams. Players take turns for throwing their Cornhole bags into the Cornhole. If the Cornhole bag lands inside the hole, then it will secure the individual or team 3 points. However, if the Cornhole bag lands on the Cornhole platform then it will secure the individual or team 1 point. The first one to reach 21 points wins!

Giant Jenga

The aim of the game is to take one block at a time from the Giant Jenga tower. However, you can only do so by using one hand only and without taking out a block from the top 2 levels. If the tower falls while taking out a block then the other person wins the game.

Giant Connect 4

Connect four of your checkers in a row while preventing your opponent from doing the same. But, look out – your opponent can sneak up on you and win the game. The winner being the first player to get four discs’ in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Tug of War

The aim of the game is to pull the rope on one side against the force of the opponent’s pull. The rope is marked in the centre and the team that pulls the rope up until the marked part reaches their defined region wins! However, there can be multiple rounds with different outcomes making this game a true nail-biter.

Ladder Ball

In Ladder Ball game, 2 to 4 players can play at a time. The aim of the game is to secure exactly 21 points by tossing the bolas onto the wooden bars. The ladder frame is set at a 15 feet distance and player have to throw the bolas from behind the wooden frame. Each of the 3 bars will fetch the player or the team different points. The top bar will help you secure 3 points and similarly, the middle and lowest bar will secure you 2 and 1 points respectively. While tossing the bolas in an underarm action, one can try to hit opponent’s bolas. However, if it falls down, the team will lose points as per the value of the wooden bar it was on.

Giant Pick up Sticks

The object of the game is to pick up the most sticks and collect the most points. To begin the game, a bundle of sticks are somewhat randomly distributed so that they end up in a tangled pile. The more tangled the sticks are, the more challenging the game is. Since each player attempts to remove a single stick, without moving any other sticks. Each colour stick you pickup gives you points. In some versions of the game, players use a tool to move the stick away from the pile. This “tool” may be one of the sticks, held aside before the game begins.

Giant Naughts & Crosses

The rope board easily spreads out on the ground and measures about 1.5m square. Each player gets 5 X’s and 4 O’s. The X player usually goes first and in order to win the game all you need to do is place 3 of your game pieces in a row either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

Giant Twister

Playing this game will have you in knots, literally. With a flick of the arrow you can see what’s next as you keep your balance to have all your hands and feet on the mat. Left hand yellow! Keep on Reaching!! Right foot red! You got this! Keep your knees and elbows off the ground. Should you fall or your knee and elbows touch the mat, you are OUT. Last player standing WINS. On the other side, play Snakes & Ladders.

Giant Snakes & Ladders

Watch out for those slippery serpents as the race is on to reach the end square. Climb the Ladders and zip to the top. But watch out, if you land on a snake it will make you slide back down again. This game can be played from 2-8 players.


The aim of the Quoits Game is to toss the rings in an underarm action over the pegs. Each peg has different number of points, the first player to reach 500 points is the winner. The throwing distance in quoits game is around 3 meters, so each player must throw from behind the 3 meters line. If you want to make it more challenging then, you may increase the throwing distance.


The aim of the Scatter game is to knock over the numbered wooden pins by tossing the wooden baton. The wooden baton must be thrown in an underarm action. The players secure points as per the value of knocked down wooden pins. Each player gets a single try to hit the pins per round. To win the game a player must score 50 points exactly. If the total points secured from each round goes above 50, then the points are reduced back to 25. Meaning, they have to start scoring points beginning from 25 points. The first player to reach exactly at 50 points wins the game.

Hula Hoops

With 30 Hula Hoops, we're sure you can find many ways for the kids to play. Ask us about Rock Paper Scissors Hula Hoop - it's so much fun!

Sack Races

To begin with, each player has to put both of their feet inside the sack. Players then have to hop towards the finish line while the sack must remain as close to the waist and should not fall below the knees. The first player to reach the finish line wins the race.

Boules, Bocce or Pétanque

Boules, Bocce or Pétanque? Boules games are either rolled or thrown. When balls are rolled it called Bocce or if balls are thrown it is referred to as Pétanque. The aim is to try and roll or throw your Boules as close to the jack (the little ball) as possible. You can also knock the opponents Boule away from the Jack by landing your Boule on or next to the opponents Boule. Not only is this game fun but it also builds accuracy and co-ordination skills.


Spikeball is an action packed 2-on-2 outdoor ball toss game that is similar to volleyball, but with a smaller ball and a circular net. Spikeball is basically the result of Foursquare and Volleyball having a baby. The rules are similar to volleyball where each team has 3 hits to spike the ball into the ankle high circular net. Teams volley back and forth until a team is unable to return the ball to the net. The first team to 21 points win.

Giant Chess

Great for playing Chess indoors or outdoors. Enjoy the experience of having to walk to your pieces to make a move.

Giant Checkers

Kids and adults love playing Checkers. Get to play on the lawn or inside on our giant checkers set.

Shuffle Board

Perfect for new and skilled players alike! The fun challenge of Shuffleboard means anyone can easily pick up and play!

Disc Slam

Disc Slam blends target toss games like corn hole and disc golf to create a unique outdoor gaming experience. Try and throw the frisbees into the buckets.

Frisbee Toss

Compete against your friends - who can throw the frisbee and knock the bottle off.

Giant Bucket Pong

Take turns throwing the ball into the opponent's bucket to get them out.

Bean Bag Bucketz

Combines Corn Hole, Washer Toss And Disc Golf Into One Easy Beanbag.

Throwing Cans

The classic carnival style game!

Mini Foosball

This tabletop foosball game is great for all ages. Small enough for children to maneuver easily, yet sturdy enough for adults to enjoy as well.