Frequently Asked Questions

How much do parties cost?

Our prices are based on how many activities booked and length of time for the party. For a guide to pricing you can find our parties pricing here, School OSHC pricing here and events pricing here. Just let us know us know which activities you would like to book and the duration of your event.

Is there an age limit?

We offer something for everyone and a Games2U event is perfect for kids age 7 to adults.

Do parents have to supervise?

No. Each Games2U Mobile Games activity is managed by a trained Game Coach who is present at all times.

Do you have to come to our house?

No. If you are unable to host the party at your house, we can go to a nearby park. Alternatively, we can go to a sporting club, school grounds, community centre or anywhere that is convenient for you.

Can you help find a venue for our Party?

Yes. Each weekend our staff travel all over the place. We are more than happy to offer suggestions for your next party.

Do you need power?

We're flexible, we can either plug into one of your power outlets, or we can bring our generator. Either way, we've got the power to have fun.

Are your events always outdoors?

No. Depending on the weather and your choice, we can do indoors or outdoors. All our activities can be used either indoors and outdoors. 

Is Games2u just for boys?

Definitely not. Remember Girls Just Wanna Have Fun too! When we are at Schools, its 50/50 with boys and girls. We can guarantee the girls are having as much fun as the boys. All our games are geared for both sexes.

What happens if the weather is bad. Do you have a cancellation policy?

We've rarely had to cancel events due to bad weather. Our Mobile Games Theatre can fit 12 children inside comfortably (and it's air-conditioned too). We also have an outside awning to protect from showers and sun. We will cancel if the conditions are not safe for the participants or our equipment. For more details, please see our Cancellation Policy in our [Terms and Conditions].

Can Laser Tag be played outdoors?

Most definitely, our Laser Tag equipment is designed to be used either indoors or outdoors. There are no lasers to hurt your eyes. Ours use a radio frequency that transfer the scores from the headsets to the computer. 

How many children can you accommodate?

We're flexible. We have done events from 5 to hundreds. All our parties include up to 20 children. However, we can accommodate more if you like. For schools, it's probably best between 10-120. If you have more kids, we bring more activities. Our aim is to have as many children engaged for as long as possible. Games2u are at most major sports and community events, so we're used to the big numbers too!

All our Party packages include up to 20 children. You can invite more, paying an extra $10 +GST per child.

Can I book more than 1 activity, or even 1 activity only for longer?

Yes. We have packages to suit all needs. Need something different? Let us know what it is you want, I'm sure we can accommodate.

Can I choose the games played?

Most certainly. If you have particular games you want played, just let us know beforehand. We also recommend only G and PG rated games for the younger children.

Do you need a lot of space?

We are used to maximising the space at hand. If at home, we've had Laser Tag, Hamster Ball and Bumper Balls in as small an area as a front yard. Our Games Theatre can be parked in your driveway or out the front.

Is your equipment cleaned regularly?

Yes, all our equipment is extensively cleaned after every event. In most cases, we also clean during an event. We are also happy to incorporate Social Distancing with our activities if needed. If a child shows flu-like symptoms, we'll let you know immediately, for the safety of all concerned.

What video games do you have available?

At Games2u, we pride ourselves on having the latest copies of all multi-player games, examples being Minecraft, Fortnite, FIFA, NBA 2K, Just Dance, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros, amongst many others.

Can I have a themed party?

Yes, with our vast array of games, we can accommodate up to 24 children playing games at one time. We can have up to 24 children all playing Minecraft, for example. Or why not have a soccer themed party, with all screens playing FIFA.